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How to Choose the Right Flat Iron for Your Hair Type

Shopping for the best flat iron for black hair is a bit overwhelming, but with this guide, you will find good flat irons for natural hair one for your hair type and needs. The complexity in choosing flat-irons attributed to their very versatile and convenient nature. Flat irons are small and can heat up in 30 seconds, thus straightening or curl even the coarsest manes we may have.

The key to purchasing hair related tools, and thus the right flat iron is having a solid understanding of your hair type and needs. In most cases are sort of no-brainers, although many people forgot that someone with straight, fine hair needs would need a different tool than anyone with super curly and coarse hair.

Did you know using the wrong hair tool you could end up causing enormous damage to your strands? Before we embark on the how to choose the best flat iron for black hair here are a few terms you need to acquit yourself with.Right Flat Iron for Your Hair Type

Breakdown of Terms

Plate sizes: most flat iron on the market come with one-inch plates that are super versatile although it depends on your hair. Small plates are better to use the iron to curl your hair for short hair. Larger plates made for longer, thick hair.

Temperature setting: high temperature isn’t good for your hair. Certain hair types if exposed to high temperature, it gets damaged and broken, and it can also lose its color. Choose a flat iron that has a temperature setting.

Plate material:

  1. Ceramic flat iron is very popular for salon and at home. The material heats up quickly and distributes the heat evenly. Although, the market also has ceramic coated tools that seem to work at first and later develop complication when the ceramic coating wear off.
  2. Tourmaline has gained popularity due to its organic crystalline minerals that offer wavy high number negative ions than ceramic. The negative ions are good as they balance out the positive ions of dry hair. Thus the hair can lay flat and frizz. (A fact scientifically confirmed).
  3. Titanium plated flat irons are considered for their fastest heat transfer thus immediate results. Consider titanium flat iron for heavy-duty iron for thick, curly hair. (They are the best flat irons for black hair type)

The Best Flat Irons by Hair Type

Plate size and hair type

As noted above good flat irons for natural hair or black hair mainly depend on the size of the plate that impact on the hair size and type.

The size of a hair flat irons plate on the market differs. The most common sizes are 1, 1 ½, 1 ¼, 2 inches and larger size of 3 inches.

 How Various plate sizes effects on hair type?

Thick, coarse, curly hair

Short thick coarse and curly hair a 1 ¼ inches flat iron plate is recommended.

Long, thick, coarse and curly hair use 1 ½ to 3 inches for the best results, especially for very long hair as the plate will always help work fat thus handling a large section of the hair at a time.

Normal hair

We are referring to long hair type with a normal texture. The best plate of this type of hair is a 2 inches plate. What the plate works best through the hair is long, the normal and fine texture makes it possible to use with 2 inches flat iron plate.

This type of hair done not needs passing the hot flat iron many times. When using a 2 inches plate, a flat iron one pass is recommended to reduce the adverse effect of the heat.

Short normal hair

For normal and short hair, the best flat iron plate to use is a 1 inch to 1 ¼; the plate is considered for its suitability in straightening hair very fast and it’s very efficient.

Thin damaged and chemically treated hair

For already thin, chemically treated or damaged hair use the best flat iron suitable plate size is from 1 inch to 1 ¼ inches. With just one pass the flat iron will straighten your hair and prevent further damage to it if more heat is applied.

Knowing your hair type and the suitable plate size you can easily buy good flat irons for natural hair.

How temperature setting effect on your hair?

Flatiron temperature setting ranges from 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 440 F. each temperature level designed for different hair type. There are a few flat irons that come to a fixed temperature, although the best has an adjustable temperature.

The standard fixed temperature flat iron has 356 degrees and can’t go higher. Getting the best flat iron for black hair should be an adjustable flat iron with temperature as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The decision for a fixed temperature flat iron and an adjustable flat iron solely depend on your hair type and if it needs a low or higher heat.

Thick coarse and curly hair

If you have thick hair, you need to start styling with a heat level of 356 degrees, when thus temperature level fails if don’t give the best results increase the heat to 410 degrees. Thus you need an adjustable flat iron.

For coarse or curly hair you require more heat to style it to your liking. The best thing with this hair type can’t be damaged easily by heat although hard to straighten with low heat.

Normal hair

Normal doesn’t need much heat to straighten and style. Fixed temperature flat iron on the market will work wonders on normal hair type. If you are up to different styling and want to experiment, thus need ease control of the heat level get adjustable temperature flat irons! You can also find some adjustable temperature flat iron brands with 170-400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thin, chemically treated or damaged hair

You can’t use high heat with this hair type. Thin or damaged hair needs a lot of considerations and care with high-temperature levels. A low-level heat can work a miracle on the hair and achieve great results. Using a fixed temperature flat iron, choose the set at 360 degrees.

Choosing an adjustable temperature flat iron, heat level as low as 170 degrees, but consider your hair type.

Tips for flat irons

Professional flat irons feature most sophisticated technologies and offer the best hair styling. The flat iron are capable of maintaining higher, more consistent temperature that provides temperature control, have higher quality plates and deliver salon-like results at home.

Buying good flat irons for natural hair makes the most sense for all hair needs and type, and it’s the best bet against damage. The high-end flat irons come with 2+year’s warranties. Thus consider buying a high-end hair tool.

Don’t forget protection. Your hair needs heat protectant products to prevent any damage while keeping the hair healthy.

Bottom Line and Recommendation

What you need to reminder when choosing the best Flat Iron? You need to know what to look for the best flat iron for black or natural hair (indicator light, temperature gauge, automatic shut of, and swivel cord), and the flat iron material.

Your best bet is having knowledge of the quality of material used plus how the tool feels in your hand.  Start by asking your salon stylist what flat iron they use. They use the toll every day thus will give a great recommendation.  While you expect to spend almost $100 for a quality flat iron, compare with tool priced over $150 to understand what you will be paying for. At times the quality may be compromised and price bumped.

In the guide did we cover everything about flat iron you needed to know before choosing your best flat iron for black and natural hair straightener? If you have any queries, please let us know.

Clean and Sanitize a Water Cooler

We are constantly stopping by the office or at home water cooler to stay hydrated. The water we run through the water cooler is clean bottled water, germs and unwanted often occur in moist environments. Water is always flowing through the machine and often the water cooler collects dirt. It’s important to clean your best water dispenser each time you change the bottle or in the much working environment every six weeks whichever works for you. When you keep your cooler clean, you ensure that all those who use it will be free from germs as well as dangerous bacteria as well.clean a Water Cooler

Cleaning the water cooler is relatively easy and quick if some on a regular basis. Here is a thorough guide to clean your water cooler.

Before you start, make sure you follow the necessary precaution for a hot or cold water cooler or both. To clean and sanitize your best water dispenser you will need the following:

  • Thirsty minutes of your time
  • Safe disposable rubber gloves
  • safety glasses with side shields
  • a waterproof apron or overalls as well as smock
  • Sponge or scrub brush
  • Lint-free towel or paper towel
  • 15 mL of 5% bleach(unscented household use)
  • Clean bucket or container that can hold two gallons of warm water

If you will be suing any chemical products to clean, sanitize or descale the cooler water use approved to use on food contact surfaces, use at the right concentration and least retention time and easy to flush after cleaning.

To clean the water cooler, disconnect the unit from the power; never clean any electronic unit when still plugged in. To prepare the cleaning solution, mix the bleach solution per gallon of water. It’s easy to remove the water bottle; it’s recommended to clean the water cooler when switching bottle when empty.

Drain the water in the reservoir into a bucket, and fill the reservoir with the cleaning bleach solution and let it set for 3 to 5 minutes.

Using the sponge or scrub brush while in gloves scrub away any build-up dirt from the interior walls of the cooler. Remove any additional part removable deep them in the cleaning solution where you can add mild dish detergent and scrub them.

Drain the bleach solution in the reservoir through the faucets into the bucket; this will help disinfect the faucets as well. Rinse the interior cooler reservoir four to five with clean water while and empty the water through the faucets until the water if bleach free taste.

Rinsing the cooler is a crucial phase of the cleaning process, thus rinse effectively as recommended.  Remove the drip and they screen and wash both in the bleach solution and rinse with clean water.

Prepare the newt water bottle to be inserted into the cooler. Change the rubber gloves and wipe the top of the new water with the bleach solution and usual insert in the cooler and let the water fill the reservoir. Using the paper towels wipe the cooler exterior along with the faucets.

Plug the unit back in and wit for 30 minutes for it’s to bring water to the desired temperature ready for use.

Lastly, you will also need to clean the wired grid at the back of the cooler for lint and dust build-up and clean those areas with the brush. It’s advisable not to rubricate the compressor as it has an air-tight seal. Your water dispenser should be unplugged whenever not in use.

7 Tips to Avoid Hair Damage when Using Hot Rollers

Hot rollers or heated hair rollers are certainly powerful hairstyling tools that can give you awesome curls especially when used appropriately. However, just like any other hairstyling tools that use heat, hot rollers can also cause damage to your hair more specifically if you don’t follow the heat setting instructions.

According to MagicInMotionHair, when you use hot rollers too often or carelessly, they can end up leaving your hair frazzled and feeling like fried. So, first things first – never use hot rollers on a daily basis!Using Hot Rollers

Tips to Avoid Hair Damage Caused by Hot Rollers

Great thing with proper hair care, long-term damages that can be caused by using hot rollers can be offset.

1. Know your hair type

You have to consider first the thickness of your hair before you use any hairstyling tools such as hot rollers. Finer hair needs lower temperature while thicker hair needs more time setting in. Always take your natural hair texture into account.

2. Make sure that your hair is dry before using heated rollers

To minimize the exposure to heat, we suggest that you just air dry your hair instead of using a blow dryer. Of course, heated rollers also work on damp to wet hair but what you want to avoid is the damage they can cause when you use them on wet hair. Think of these heated rollers are bombs that can cause bubbles to form and then eventually burst into your hair strands.

3. Apply a hair product that can help protect your hair from the heat

Heat is definitely one of the most harmful elements you can apply to your hair so you need to at least minimize its effect. One way to decrease the damage to your hair that is primarily caused by heat is to apply an extra layer of protection. You can use hair proetctant sprays or serums, which can help extend the life, beauty, and strength of your hair.

4. Use heated rollers carefully

There are surely many ways to use hair rollers wrong. Some of them include setting high temperature, wrapping them too tightly onto your hair, and using them too often.

When using heated rollers, you only have to use the right amount of heat. In the first place, higher temperature is not equivalent to more beautiful curls. You also have to avoid putting too much pressure to the roots of your hair and to your scalp by pulling the rollers too tightly when you wrap them in your hair sections. Lastly, heated rollers are not the solution to permanent curls so avoid using them daily. After all, curling your hair too often can become boring and monotonous too in the long run.

5. Choose quality even if it means spending more

Just like in any other things we buy, quality is often synonymous to being pricey. The same goes with hot rollers. Instead of purchasing cheaper ones, go for more expensive sets, read more customer reviews about hot rollers here. Not only do they set longer lasting curls, but they also have more features, which can help minimize the damage caused by the heat.

6. Try home treatments at least once a week

Another way to minimize if not correct the damage caused by hot rollers is to give your locks some DIY treatment let’s say once a week. Not only is this an effective way to take care of your hair, but it is also a great time to pamper yourself. Use hair products with oils and moisturizers. These are primarily designed to repair hair damage caused by heat application.

7. Trim your hair regularly

Whether you curl your hair with hot rollers or not, having it trimmed regularly is also another way to ensure that it grows healthy and strong. Visit the salon and have your hair trimmed an inch every month or so. This will also help your hair grown longer contrary to what you have believed in for so long.

If hot rollers can damage the hair, is it okay for me to still use them?

If you need a quick boost to your hairstyle and you desire an instant makeover, heated rollers are the way to go. While we have discussed with you the possible damages they can cause to your hair, using them properly and sparingly for the sake of adding occasional spice to your updo is better and far safer than doing the same using a curling iron. Another plus is that most of the brands of hot rollers have been modernized so they just heat up in as short as 8 seconds. This also means that after you have finished wrapping your entire hair onto the hot rollers, you can do more things with your hands. In comparison to using curling iron, there are loads of benefits you can get from using hot rollers. Personal responsibility is just the key to using it right.

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