Clean and Sanitize a Water Cooler

We are constantly stopping by the office or at home water cooler to stay hydrated. The water we run through the water cooler is clean bottled water, germs and unwanted often occur in moist environments. Water is always flowing through the machine and often the water cooler collects dirt. It’s important to clean your best water dispenser each time you change the bottle or in the much working environment every six weeks whichever works for you. When you keep your cooler clean, you ensure that all those who use it will be free from germs as well as dangerous bacteria as well.clean a Water Cooler

Cleaning the water cooler is relatively easy and quick if some on a regular basis. Here is a thorough guide to clean your water cooler.

Before you start, make sure you follow the necessary precaution for a hot or cold water cooler or both. To clean and sanitize your best water dispenser you will need the following:

  • Thirsty minutes of your time
  • Safe disposable rubber gloves
  • safety glasses with side shields
  • a waterproof apron or overalls as well as smock
  • Sponge or scrub brush
  • Lint-free towel or paper towel
  • 15 mL of 5% bleach(unscented household use)
  • Clean bucket or container that can hold two gallons of warm water

If you will be suing any chemical products to clean, sanitize or descale the cooler water use approved to use on food contact surfaces, use at the right concentration and least retention time and easy to flush after cleaning.

To clean the water cooler, disconnect the unit from the power; never clean any electronic unit when still plugged in. To prepare the cleaning solution, mix the bleach solution per gallon of water. It’s easy to remove the water bottle; it’s recommended to clean the water cooler when switching bottle when empty.

Drain the water in the reservoir into a bucket, and fill the reservoir with the cleaning bleach solution and let it set for 3 to 5 minutes.

Using the sponge or scrub brush while in gloves scrub away any build-up dirt from the interior walls of the cooler. Remove any additional part removable deep them in the cleaning solution where you can add mild dish detergent and scrub them.

Drain the bleach solution in the reservoir through the faucets into the bucket; this will help disinfect the faucets as well. Rinse the interior cooler reservoir four to five with clean water while and empty the water through the faucets until the water if bleach free taste.

Rinsing the cooler is a crucial phase of the cleaning process, thus rinse effectively as recommended.  Remove the drip and they screen and wash both in the bleach solution and rinse with clean water.

Prepare the newt water bottle to be inserted into the cooler. Change the rubber gloves and wipe the top of the new water with the bleach solution and usual insert in the cooler and let the water fill the reservoir. Using the paper towels wipe the cooler exterior along with the faucets.

Plug the unit back in and wit for 30 minutes for it’s to bring water to the desired temperature ready for use.

Lastly, you will also need to clean the wired grid at the back of the cooler for lint and dust build-up and clean those areas with the brush. It’s advisable not to rubricate the compressor as it has an air-tight seal. Your water dispenser should be unplugged whenever not in use.

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