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For many people, the best part of waking up is making a cup of coffee. However, do you know that you can make a better cup of coffee at home than the one your barista makes you? A great coffee is one that is well balanced, complex and has a good flavor. It requires the proper amount of water, proportion of coffee and a good temperature. If you have always desired to drink a better coffee at home than the one you brew, follow through to find out how you can.Coffee At Home

1. Buy better fresh beans

If you really want a good cup of coffee then you shouldn’t use just any coffee. You can do some research to find a good roaster in your area where you will always be getting the freshest beans from. Before you buy your coffee, make sure that it is freshly roasted. The chemical structure and flavor of coffee tend to start deteriorate after roasting.

2. Store beans the proper way

Always store your coffee beans in a glass jar with an airtight lid at room temperature. If possible, you can store it in a dark and cool place. Some people like to keep the coffee in a freezer, however, they risk causing condensation in the jar, which normally ruins the coffee flavor.

3. Refine your own grind

Unlike wine, coffee tends to lose its quality just after grinding. The natural flavors in it are found in the beans essential oil which tends to evaporate pretty quickly. The best thing you can do will is to buy a good grinder so that you will be able to brew your coffee immediately after grinding it. If you don’t have a grinder, a conical burr grinder can be a perfect option due to its consistency and adjustability. Though gringing may add some time to your morning schedule, it is much better considering the end results.

4. Buy quality filters

The type of coffee filter you use is as important as the coffee type you buy. Quality filters guarantee you a better tasting coffee. The best paper filters in the market are those that are dioxin free or oxygen bleached.

5. Use right amount of coffee

The recommended brewing ratio for coffee is two tablespoons per six-ounce cup. If you are the type that likes weaker coffee, you should still use this ratio and later use hot water to thin your coffee. If you like it bitter, you can always use less water.

6. Better water

Water is perhaps the most important ingredient for a better quality coffee. Since coffee is mostly water, the better the water you will use, the better the taste will be. Always use purified water or bottled water for best results. Tap water tends to have odors and may have chlorine tastes which can ruin your coffee flavor.

7. Get hot

It has been found by the Specialty Association of America that the suitable temperature for brewing coffee is from 198 degrees Fahrenheit up to 202 degrees Fahrenheit. When you warm your coffee for a longer time, the temperature ruins its flavor. This is because the hot heated water tends to extract the bitter components in it.

8. Add extra flavors

To give your coffee a personal touch, add some flavors to it. Sweet flavors can hide even poor flavors. Spice your cup of coffee with flavors like vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, caramel, and ground cinnamon. However, be careful not to overdue them in case you are making a single cup. You can also try substituting milk and sugar with flavored creamers.

9.Cold-brewed iced coffee for convenience

You can find yourself in the morning sometimes in a hurry to make some good coffee. In this case, you can try cold brewing as it is something you can start a day before. Mix some coffee and water before you go to bed and let it sleep in an airtight jar.

10. Clean your coffee equipment

Lastly, always clean your coffee equipment regularly with a coffee cleaner. Use enough water when cleaning and ensure you rinse thoroughly before you use them again.


Though these steps may at first seem challenging to stick to, when applied they will help you a lot with your coffee brewing. Once you have put them into practice, with time you will find yourself making a better tasting cup of coffee every morning.

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